Our Mission

Community Cares strives to find and impact individuals and organizations in need of services or financial support. By providing time, resources and your support, Community Cares will ensure a better quality of life and promote excellence with in our community.

The staff at Finance of America/Alpine Mortgage Planning as well as the company, has committed themselves both financially and physically to the causes determined by the Community Cares board.

Community Cares donated over $131,000 to other nonprofits, employees, friends and families this past year.  They also held bin drives for clothing, school supplies, toiletries, eye glasses, valentine cards to send to children in the hospital, homeless youth, etc.  They held their largest Military Campaign for boxes shipped overseas to military personnel.  We have painted buildings, raced for a cure and relayed for life.  We believe in volunteering and sending care packages for those in need. Our goal is to touch the lives of people that need our help resulting in a long lasting positive impact. We consider ourselves honored to be involved with some of the charities and causes we have championed thus far and look forward to taking on new endeavors.

Community Cares is Finance of America/Alpine Mortgage Planning’s 501(c)3 non-profit organization that sponsors one to three foundation(s) that employees vote on annually. It provides monthly drives employees can participate in and provides group activities to support foundations and looks for individuals to help in time of need.

Our organization inspires others to “Pay it Forward” and impact others.