Community Cares

Community Cares strives to find and impact individuals and organizations in need of services or financial support. By providing time, resources and your support, Community Cares will ensure a better quality of life and promote excellence with in our community.

Community Cares is Finance of America/Alpine Mortgage Planning's 501c3 non-profit organization that sponsors one to three foundation(s) that employees vote on annually. It provides monthly drives employees can participate in and provides group activities to support foundations and looks for individuals to help in time of need. Community Cares inspires others to “Pay it Forward” and impact others.

Speak Softly, Speak Loud, But Always Speak UP

In one meeting many days ago, one idea to “Pay it Forward” was presented.

How far could they make it grow? How many people could they impact? What amazing differences could they make?

The idea was embraced and people engaged. A board was formed, employees participated, management supported, ideas were cultivated, a non-profit designation was acquired, people were inspired, organization matured, consistence expanded, awareness increase. It continues to flourish and many altering , positive differences have been made.

“I encourage everyone to speak their passion ~You never know who may engage in and embrace an impactful vision.”

Carrie Reed, Founder